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Bookkeeping/Accounting Services
We can provide seasoned Bookkeepers, Accountants, Controllers and CFOs!  Whether it’s helping you grow by providing a part-time CFO/Controller before you need to hire full-time staff or whether it’s assisting you during a transition period in your organization, Hara CPAs will be there with certified professionals to provide the expertise that your business needs the most.  We can help you throughout the budgeting process, evaluating your needs in the accounting department and structuring and organizing your policies and procedures by streamlining your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual.  Our team has developed expertise in several accounting software packages across many industries, giving you more options and better adaptability to your existing accounting system.  Our professionals’ proven track records afford us the applied business knowledge and understanding needed to take a “hands on” approach to meeting your company’s needs.

Audit Assistance
Preparing for an audit?  We can help!  Preparing your financial statements for an audit is complicated, time consuming and can take you away from focusing on your core business needs.  Not only can our team prepare your financial information for the audit, we will serve as your internal audit consultant before, during and after meeting with the auditors.  Our unique approach to “audit workpaper preparation” will give you the confidence you need to operate your business.

Business Tax Preparation
We provide innovative solutions for tax issues to minimize your tax liability based on the ever-changing tax laws and legislation.
Tax Return Preparation for:
• C-Corporations
• S-Corporations
• Partnerships
• Limited Liability Companies
• Not-for-Profit Entities
• Estate
• Individuals
• Sole Proprietorships

Business Tax Planning
It’s important to remember that taxes are not something that come around just once a year.  Good tax planning throughout the year is important for mitigating surprises and planning appropriately, allowing you to make your money work for you!

Like walking a tight-rope, a delicate balance exists between optimizing your after-tax income to maximize profits while keeping focused on the changes in tax laws and reporting procedures.  We offer advice on long-term tax planning initiatives, including pension plans, sale of stocks and many other tax-impacted transactions.  Our tax strategies exist to help minimize your tax burden.

IRS Representation
Should you need assistance in responding to a notice from any of the taxing authorities, our experience professionals can represent you with the various federal and state tax agencies.

Business Entity Selection and Creation
Why do I choose a Limited Liability Company versus a General Partnership?  Should we be a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation?  Hara CPAs can help you navigate the important decisions of starting a business, such as proper business type.  We will also help you file for your business license and obtain your federal Employer Identification Number.